Person-Centered Behavioral Homes

Becoming a Better Version of You

Welcome to Person-Centered Behavioral Homes!

Our Mission is to help individuals with mental health illnesses regain the skills needed to live to their highest functioning and quality of life. 

Our Values

Respect for Human Beings and Individualism
  • Every human being should be treated with dignity and accepted for who they are.
Respect for Diversity
  • Humans are uniquely made; any form of diversity that does not contradict human rights should be embraced.
Peaceful and Positive Actions
  • Sharing and collaboration are vital components of people living in peace and harmony and making positive and constructive actions.

Why Us?

Suppose you or a loved one is suffering from a mental health illness. In that case, Person-Centered Behavioral Homes can provide individualized residential supportive services to improve your health, wellness, and quality of life. 

Many adults experience mental health issues, and PCBH homes for adults help individuals struggling with mental illness reach recovery by providing 24-hour care and support combined with therapeutic services in our licensed residential dwellings.

PCBH Homes works to create a safe and accepting environment where clients can focus entirely on achieving their health and wellness and long-term recovery goals while feeling accepted for their uniquely made individualism. 

If you are in a dangerous situation, facing an emergency, or need help immediately, call 911. If you are a doctor, social worker, or case manager looking to refer a patient, call 216-855-3637 or email us



Adults struggling with mental health issues can find support in a safe, supportive residential home setting.